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+41 56 470 03 37
+41 56 470 03 37
Im Langacker 16,  CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Site plan DE +41 56 470 03 37 FR +41 21 510 21 81

Conservation measures

We ensure that records are stored safely and the paper is conserved in durable archive boxes according to ISO-Standard 9706. For restoration work, however, we call on specialists in this field. Originals can also be protected by the process of digitization.

  • Several times we have had to advise on how to treat mouldy or even rotten archive materials. Once, with the help of experts, we planned the relocation and conservational sanitation of a municipality archive contaminated by microorganisms. Another time we digitized a volume of minutes of the municipal council and made it accessible in a PDF-file, as it was impossible to restore, let alone use it, due to its rotten pages.
  • We have digitized glass negatives and other negative carriers for several archives. This ensures that originals are conserved and the photographs easily accessed.
  • The rebuilding of the city archives Baden 2003-2007 has expanded our knowledge of the construction of archive rooms. On various occasions we advised people responsible for archives (in the cities Rheinfelden and Solothurn) on subjects regarding the space allocation plan, security, climate and interior features. When dealing with complex climatic and technical questions we consult experts.
  • We have emergency plans available for all the archives we manage. Our employees are trained in dealing with archive catastrophes, even though we (luckily) do not have any practical experience with it. We are prepared for emergencies and store the necessary clothing and other utensils for such a case (with us).
  • When customers want to restore archive materials and call on a conservator, we assess the priority in respect to historical value and frequency of use. In such cases conservation studios often consult us.
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