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+41 56 470 03 37
+41 56 470 03 37
Im Langacker 16,  CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Site plan DE +41 56 470 03 37 FR +41 21 510 21 81


Structuring and cataloguing archives (archival description) is one of our most frequent activities. Normally only records intended for long-term archiving are catalogued at file level and stored in ageing- resistant material. Records meant for short-term storage only are usually best arranged according to the classification system.

  • Most often we describe (structure and catalogue) business archives, archives of local governments, church parishes, municipal administration unions and other organisations.
  • We have also catalogued fonds later to be transferred to state archives. We appraised and described the historical archive of the zb Zentralbahn AG Stansstad and transferred it to the state archives Nidwalden.
  • For Munich Re we catalogued 60‘000 photographs at file level and packed them into acid-free covers and ageing resistant casings of pure polyester. For every file we digitized one sample picture which including all descriptions is now accessible to all employees on the web platform Picturepark.
  • We partner with the historical association of the canton of Solothurn in all description projects concerning “companies archives”.
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