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+41 56 470 03 37
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Records Management

The following examples clearly prove that after a solid analysis of the current state, good records management needs: 1) rules for handling records, 2) classification systems with corresponding metadata (e.g. retention periods) 3) training and coaching of personnel as part of an implementation and controlling concept.

  • Government institutions are required by law to guarantee a transparent business management (GEVER). So far we have worked with government agencies in the cantons of AG, BE, BS, GL, OW, SO, SG and ZH. Highlights have included developing classification systems in the cantons of Glarus GL (2008/2009, revised 2011/2012) and Obwalden OW (since 2011). For the newly created presidential department in Basle we developed an inter-departmental classification system, business management regulations and two training units.
  • Several cities, such as Baden, Pratteln, Solothurn and Uster, have reorganised their handling of records or are in the middle of doing so. We develop the corresponding organisational regulations, concepts and classification systems and train the members of staff. In smaller and simpler projects we also introduce small or medium-sized local governments or church parishes to good records management.
  • The Zurich city archive consulted us on a concept to professionalize records management. We worked on the organizational structures and defined a benchmark as to how other cities or cantons wish to develop their records management.
  • Sometimes (but not necessarily) records management projects are accompanied by the introduction of a document management system DMS or a business management system. We then take care of organizational issues and serve as an interface to the technical system: we evaluate, define metadata and classification systems and organise training.
  • For the Axpo Holding AG and its subsidiaries we developed regulations for the handling of their records and carried out several pilot projects. Our experience also includes working with considerably smaller companies.
  • Since 2011 we’ve been working on several records management projects for the directorate general of the Swiss Radio and Television Company SRG, implementing classification systems, policies and a document management system DMS.
  • We created a new basis for the handling of records of an environmental organisation on a limited budget. Although a classification system was available nobody knew how to use it. Substitutes didn’t find records, open files were badly structured and digital records were only available to the author. Clear regulations and a coaching session were enough to help.
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