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+41 56 470 03 37
+41 56 470 03 37
Im Langacker 16,  CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

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Products Overview

Records management and archiving are processes that cover the whole lifecycle of records. Documents are created, kept and stored in classification systems. Our work deals with all phases of the record lifecycle, from creation to longterm archiving or disposal. This is also known as information lifecycle management ILM.

We support you in handling records and help you devise records management for your business. We help you decide on appropriate formats, structures and retention periods. It does not matter whether the records are on paper or in digital form.

Usually only a small percentage of records produced in day-to-day business is worth retaining long-term. We help you choose the right records by appraising them with you. We then describe your archive which allows the contained knowledge to be accessed. Digital records are converted into formats used for long-term archiving. Which aspects of digital objects you want to preserve and which metadata is necessary for long-term archiving we determine together.

In many institutions (public or private) there are no resources for the employment of a fulltime records manager or archivist, nevertheless, there’s a growing demand for specialised knowledge. With our outsourcing model, well tested in practice, even small organisations can profit from our professional management solution.

For projects on a bigger scale we offer our experience as consultants or project leaders. Such projects can involve coordinating metadata of various inventories or systems, developing and implementing archiving directives for a company or digitizing a large collection. We know how to plan and successfully see through projects and we work within a network of suppliers and specialists.

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