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+41 56 470 03 37
+41 56 470 03 37
Im Langacker 16,  CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Site plan DE +41 56 470 03 37 FR +41 21 510 21 81


The management of archives built on a long-term assignment is our specialty. This model has proved its value with archives in larger municipalities, cities or companies, and organisations of a certain size due to their annual or continuous archival work.

We rely on our long-term expierence and a cost-efficient working method.

  • We advise record producing units about their records which are no longer in permanent use.
  • We appraise the value of the offered records, describe them and store them in your long-term archives.
  • Based on division of labour, we appoint well trained personnel qualified for the respective work. We offer an archive database so you do not need your own information technology devices in your archive.
  • We answer internal and external requests directed to our archive and offer archive records for consultation.
  • Most of our work is taken care of in Baden-Dättwil, but if necessary, we work on-site. The docuteam-model even offers an extensive and cost-efficient archiving solution when geographical distance is an issue.

At present we manage approximately ten different archives, some of them with extensive internal and external reference services: The city archives Baden, Brugg and Solothurn, the communal archives Pratteln BL and Suhr AG, ABB’s historical archive in Switzerland, the corporate archive of Tamedia AG in Zurich, the archive of the bfu Swiss Council for Accident Prevention in Bern and the local government association «Service intercommunal d’archivage» in the canton Neuenburg.

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