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+41 56 470 03 37
+41 56 470 03 37
Im Langacker 16,  CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Site plan DE +41 56 470 03 37 FR +41 21 510 21 81

We offer docuteam cosmos in three models at the following prices per year (excl. VAT):

docuteam cosmos models

  • basic: You receive archiving services from docuteam or have your own archive information system. You submit data from the file system to the archive.
  • standard: In addition, a REST-API (docuteam bridge) is available for automated deliveries from systems. If desired, you use the archive information system AtoM.
  • flexible: You have special requirements for the configurability of data, metadata and transfer processes into the archive

For all models

  • Basic offer: Ingest, archive storage, access options, software upgrades.
  • Repository: Own repository (electronic magazine) based on Fedora Commons.
  • Storage included: 500 GB for basic, 1 TB for standard and flexible archive storage..
  • Backup: Backup to a second, separate data center.
  • Data submissions: Upload via OwnCloud synchronization service or depending on model via docuteam bridge API.
  • Archival Information System (AIS): You can connect your existing AIS via the docuteam bridge API.

Contractual relationship

The client concludes an agreement (SLA, Service Level Agreement) exclusively with Docuteam GmbH. The agreement may be terminated following a minimum term of one year with a notice period of three months.

If needed: Archival services

docuteam offers you precisely the support that you require.

  1. Lifecycle consultation: We discuss with you which data should be decoupled from systems to be archived and at what point in time this should take place.

  2. Data submissions: If you do not wish to create the submission packages (SIP) yourself, we can do this for you.

  3. Archiving: Our trained archivists operate the software within docuteam cosmos. Many things run automatically but certain steps require an intervention or an archival decision. We discuss the necessary instructions with you. You can decide, for instance, whether or not temporary records  should automatically be eliminated.

  4. Archive searches: docuteam webgate and AtoM allow you to search your archive. We are happy to (help or) assist you in this matter.

  5. One-stop archive management: Your physical and digital archive holdings should be searchable together. In a few years’ time, the users will no longer know which series of documents are digitally available or still in paper form. We import your existing archive catalogs into AtoM. If necessary, we also manage your physical archives, which remain with you on site.

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