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+41 56 470 03 37
+41 56 470 03 37
Im Langacker 16,  CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil

Site plan DE +41 56 470 03 37 FR +41 21 510 21 81


We analyse your business processes, data and IT-systems and provide advice on your way to self-managed digital archives. This involves:

  • developing archiving and preservation strategies
  • analysing existing data and metadata structures (productive systems, amounts, complexity), appraising the records
  • designing a trustworthy digital archive, which leans on the model of reference OAIS (ISO 14721).
  • Conception of the technical implementation. As to this date there is no standardized software which covers OAIS „out of the box“. A digital archive always consists of several components.
  • Technical or organisational implementation, with our own tools or products of other providers.
  • System-integration: connecting your archive to existing productive systems, archive information systems and further infrastructures such as repositories or database-servers.
  • Digital reading room: conceptualising and implementing access to digital records.

For both the conception of digital archives as well as our records management projects we rely on our consulting model Docuteam 3×3.

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